Exhibition Planning

Of course, you have a certain idea of how you would like to present yourself at the trade fair. The sooner you contact us, the better we can help you implement your ideas.

We will help you find the right trade fair and the best possible stand space.  Working with you, we will develop a tailor-made concept for your trade fair that takes everything into account, from your CI, to locating the water connection, to providing a sustainable giveaway.

Individual and consistent

From the very first conversation with you, we listen carefully and ask specific questions: What makes your brand special? What ideas do you have? What are your messages? This information is the starting point for our work. On the basis of the conceptual guidelines formed we will develop all the other elements within the framework of trade fair planning into a coherent overall picture......We are professionals in the field of trade fair planning - we know our way around, not just in Hamburg but in all of Germany’s major trade fair venues - which makes every trade fair a kind of “home game” for us.


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