Sustainability pays off!

Sustainability as company policy

It is personal conviction that leads to an entrepreneurial decision: the decision to take responsibility for one’s own actions - in the long term and for the benefit of future generations.

The term “sustainability”  which is today on everyone’s lips, usually only implies ecological connections but should go far beyond this and describe an attitude that can also be applied to less sustainable industry such as the trade fair and event industry.  With this in mind, we offer our employees not only flexible, family-friendly working time models, but above all long-term, trusting co-operation.  We have been using green electricity in our company for over 15 years, have reduced the light output by two-thirds by switching to LED technology, use hybrid or particularly economical company vehicles and pay compensation for unavoidable flights at atmosfair.

Sustainability in implementation

Thinking sustainably means thinking into the future.  If I use individual modules for my trade fair stand or my shop, I can re-use them at will, on stand areas of different sizes or at several locations.  A damaged carpet tile is easier to replace than an entire floor covering... The examples are innumerable if you take the time to think about the consequences of your own actions in advance.  We will advise you on all aspects of creating a climate-friendly brand space and work with you to develop a sensible, sustainable concept.  In addition we can offer to calculate the CO2 balance of your project, possible, because it is online based, even during the planning phase.  With our partner company CO2OL you can also make your project 100% climate-neutral.  Any remaining emissions can be compensated for by giving financial support to an international climate protection project.


We are a founding member - and “Sustainable company powered by FAMAB”

The FAMAB Quality Code has established itself as the cornerstone and recommendation for sustainable corporate management - long before the topic was on everyone’s lips.  This voluntary self-commitment of the association members of the trade fair and event industry moved consistently in the direction of sustainability leading to the possibility of being certified as a “Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB” by going through a complex procedure.  It is a title that we have proudly held since September 2013!  In the meantime, we have been re-certified twice, most recently in 2018.  We are also one of the founding members of the FAMAB Foundation.  In April 20128 Jan Bustorff was appointed to the advisory board of the foundation, whose aim is to assume responsibility for CO2 emissions caused by the activities of the industry.  A major contribution to this is the planting of new trees: by acting together we are not just planting a few small trees, we are planting a whole forest!


Climate-neutral exhibition stand

Whether it is the brand space in your company, your shop in the city centre or your trade fair appearance - if the right course is set during the planning phase, you can avoid a large amount of emissions on every project.

You can find out how this works from us: As a 'Sustainable Company' we specialise in projects that protect the environment and conserve resources. With the CO2 balance computer of our partner company CO2OL, we can precisely determine the emissions caused by planning, use of materials, transport and logistics in advance and reduce them through appropriate measures.

We know the parameters for making a brand appearance climate-friendly without having to accept losses in design and quality.

Examples of this are the R+V Versicherung brand room at the Group headquarters in Wiesbaden, the R+V trade fair stand at the DKM trade fair and the 'Nordic Countries' trade fair stand at the ITB - all 100% climate-neutral projects. At R+V, this applies, for example, to the modular steel construction as well as the laminate flooring and the room-forming cladding made of safety glass panels and decorative chipboards.

Once the CO2 footprint has been determined at the end of the project, you can select a climate protection project certified in accordance with internationally recognised standards to compensate for unavoidable emissions. In this way you achieve 100% climate neutrality and receive a certificate and an exclusive, numbered seal.

The comprehensive documentation of the sustainability of a project is carried out via the industry-specific 'Sustainable Project'. Here your project is evaluated and certified in cooperation with the FAMAB Kommunikationsverband e.V. and an independent auditor.

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