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Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

Inselstand, 200m², Victam, Köln



Amandus Kahl, founded in 1876 and family-owned for generations, is a medium- sized manufacturer of pelletizing, granulating and recycling plants as well as other technical solutions. Complete feed plants, wood pelleting plants, domestic waste pelleting plants as well as used tyre recycling plants are delivered turnkey to well- known companies all over the world. The companies of the Kahl Group are among the leading international manufacturers in all areas. The machines and plant components are manufactured near Hamburg and Bremen - quality 'Made in Germany'.


The slogan 'Made in Germany' as a synonym for highest quality is reflected in the materials and construction of the exhibition stand. The exhibits - i.e. the machines - are the focus of the stand and characterise the stand architecture in their form and shape. Like in an exhibition, they are staged with targeted lighting; the new products are presented on pedestals.

The detail

The stand front is curtained with semi-transparent textiles to engage the curiosity of visitors without giving them direct access to the stand.  The stand space thus appears open but is actually limited. The 'eye of a needle' in the reception area controls the flow of visitors in a targeted manner, as the machines are not supposed to be accessible to the general public - the keyword is 'reverse engineering'. Various communication areas will be created on the stand, which can be used depending on the aim and purpose of the visit.