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Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems

Eckstand, 54m², EWEA Offshore, Frankfurt a.M.


The customer’s vision

On a comparatively small stand space, Bilfinger Offshore Systems wanted to be identified as part of the Bilfinger Group and also to use the company-specific type of external presentation of large format photo motifs from the everyday working environment. The design framework is provided by the CI of the parent company.

What was our concept?

Small stand areas are enhanced by a few large elements and clear design gestures. In addition to the given colours, surfaces and lettering, a few large surfaces and rectangular individual pieces of furniture refer both to the size and prestige of the parent company and also to the size and weight of the off-shore foundations giving an impression of generosity from a compact stand. The 30° rotation of a part of the stand breaks up familiar perspectives and divides the stand into different zones.

And? Anything else?

Individual areas are identified by variations of floor coverings and colours. In the front area exciting exhibits draw visitors to the stand. At the rear comfortable seating invites visitors to continue their conversations, while the cabin next to it serves as a functional area. The brand world is illustrated on the rear walls with large claims and emotional image motifs.

Who gave us the commission?

Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems belongs to the Bilfinger Group and is one of the market leaders in the field of offshore foundations. The company is dedicated to the planning and execution of national and international wind energy projects with a special focus on the processes of technical and economic optimization.