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Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH

528m² Kopfstand/ Inselstand tw. zweigeschossig, EXPO REAL, München


Who's behind this?

The Metropole Ruhr stands both for the brand and for the information portal of the Regionalverband Ruhr - the association of the eleven independent cities and four districts in the Ruhr Metropolitan Region with around 5.1 million inhabitants. The regional association is responsible for important infrastructure projects. Its tasks include regional economic development and public relations work for the Metropole Ruhr.

Region worth living

At Expo Real, the Metropole Ruhr would like to present itself to its visitors as a modern region worth living in, changing from an industrial core area to an innovative centre of culture, knowledge and services. In the unique urban landscape of this third-largest agglomeration in Europe, a future location is emerging with attractive prospects for investors from the construction and real estate sectors.

All under one roof

The central element of the trade fair “look” was the melting pot, floating like a sculpture above the heads of the visitors to refer as much to the history of the region as to the current situation of the Ruhr metropolis:  the fusion of 53 cities and communities into a single large urban space.  A surrounding sculpture formed the roof for this space as well as for the Metropole Ruhr brand.

Any more details?

The outline of the Metropole Ruhr was reproduced to look like inlay work in the floor of the stand.  The name columns of the individual cities and communities made to resemble corten steel with lasered lettering had a striking effect from a distance, playing thematically with the history and CI colours of the Metropole Ruhr.  A lounge on the upper floor with generous furnishings offered a relaxed setting for confidential discussions.