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Bustorff Messebau

Kopfstand, 42m², marketingservices, Hamburg


Why were we there?

To present our company competitively to trade fair visitors from the region. The exhibition stand should display our areas of competence and our creativity. It should also offer customers and interested parties the opportunity to exchange ideas with us in a relaxed atmosphere.

How did we draw attention to ourselves?

We packaged our invitation to talk to us into a cheerful and un-fussy look. We used friendly colours and natural design elements to counter the sensory overload often experienced in a trade fair environment with a pleasant, may-green oasis that invited lingering.

Oh the darling buds of May...

We welcomed our guests into a flower garden instead of a trade fair stand. Specially composed music and coloured light created a pleasant ambience. The moveable table in the middle of the stand hid a multimedia terminal from which we could provide guests with visual impressions of our projects.

The benefits...

The ability to stand back enough to make a cool assessment of its own activities is surely demonstrated by a trade fair construction company that designs and builds its own trade fair stand. A challenge to master which gained us valuable insights for our work! And it allowed our creativity full rein. Our trade fair stand has earned us a lot of praise and recognition - a nice endorsement of our work.