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Carlsberg Breweries A/S

Inselstand, 471.75m², Internorga, Hamburg


A bit of a challenge!

In just two months a two-storey trade fair stand was to be designed, implemented and assembled, presenting five different beer brands under the umbrella of the parent company - without weakening their respective brand identities.

But we got the hang of it!

An eleven metre high arch construction which impressively spanned the stand, held the various brands together and symbolized the Carlsberg Group’s global market claim.  Spectacular transitions from brand to brand ensured a sensational appearance with many creative highlights.

We were particularly proud...

of the brand worlds of Lübner Pils, Astra, Holsten and Carlsberg which were placed on the ground floor.  Between two oversized bottle silhouettes an extravagant staircase led to the lounge of the premium brand Duckstein. The stand sets new standards as a total work of art, even competitors congratulated our customer on his successful look.

Who entrusted us with the work?

Carlsberg A/S, based in Copenhagen, is the fourth largest brewery group in the world. In German-speaking countries it is represented by the brands Holsten, Astra, Duckstein and Lübzer among others.