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Davert GmbH

Inselstand, 248m², Biofach, Nürnberg



For more than 30 years Davert has been THE specialist for rice, pulses and cereal products of the best organic quality from all over the world. 

“Organic” can be so contemporary

Departing briskly from the dusty old Reformhaus aesthetic, the Davert company wants to present itself as young, trendy and up to date with a range of convenience products in organic quality. This CI, which is unusual for the business, should be translated to the trade fair stand as the Davert brand.


The basic elements are the colour black (the “One-World” silk paper with printed continents) with the trendy colours of the product packaging as a contrast. Also solid wood furniture, which meets the company’s sustainability requirements, and a cooking island to convince visitors of the quality of Davert products not just visually but through taste and aroma too.


Pop but not kitsch. Natural, but not one-sided. Full of information and products but still generous. Lively and inviting despite the basic CI colour black. We squared the circle for the Davert brand at Biofach creating an attractive, inviting stand highly visible at a distance, which came alive through a multitude of carefully well-balanced contrasts.