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Fristam Pumps KG

Eckstand, 67.5m², Anuga FoodTec, Köln



Fristam is recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of stainless steel pumps of unique quality. They build tailor-made pumps for the customer’s system to the highest standards, taking all individual requirements into account.

Clean but not cool

For a company that manufactures pumps for the hygienically perfect processing of various materials - especially food - the appropriate appearance has to be clear, clean and high-quality. The quality and purity of the products of this traditional company should be visible in the room. The challenge is to ensure that the trade fair stand is not cool and unobtrusive as a result.

How did we implement our concept?

By choosing white and stainless steel grey to dominate, enhanced by the strong blue of the company logo as a special highlight in the LED strips around the platforms. On the walls: greatly enlarged, detached photographs of the inner workings of the pumps which with their clear forms and cast shadows looked like artistic murals. The dynamic shape of the logo was also reflected in the lighting fixtures, the info counter and the grey wall surface of the cabin.