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GoodMills Innovation GmbH

Eckstand, 60m², FiE, Paris; Kopfstand 24m², HiE, Amsterdam


Small is big

A successful example of how much you can make out of a small stand area is the GoodMills Germany stand. On only 24m2 there was space for a spacious service cabin as well as several meeting and tasting tables.  In spite of this the stand area did not look overloaded, but open, tidy and inviting.

Sketches of grain

A detail of the stand which we considered a success was our translation of the claim “We unlock the power of grain”. Three stylized, oversized grains gave the stand a strong and unmistakable appearance. The lamellar structure spanned the entire cabin and made the negative shape of the grains impressive in the true sense of the word. The messages on the acrylic glass signs in front of the curved lines appeared to float freely in the room, attracting a lot of attention.

The customer

As a subsidiary of the European-wide operating GoodMills Group, GoodMills Germany is a leading supplier of quality and special flours, pulses and rice and in this context specialises in the grinding of cereals, the processing of rice and pulses and the functionalisation of innovative special products based on cereals. The GoodMills grain mills produce high-quality grain grinding products for bakeries, the food industry and end consumers.