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Eckstand, 164m², ExpoReal, München


Moin! (hi there!)

Our task: to develop a creative trade fair appearance for the state of Schleswig-Holstein at the Expo Real in Munich, which primarily emphasised the attractiveness and diversity of the region and brought the advantages of this unique state to the attention of trade fair visitors. The aim was to generate new business contacts and attract potential investors.

The real North

The appearance of Schleswig-Holstein’s stand at the Expo Real was so fresh and clear that you could almost smell the sea breeze. High quality materials, bright, bold colour and a pier as the central motif - a footbridge across the exhibition stand. The pier was to suggest a link between sea and land and different countries as well as a starting point for journeys overseas. It could also be seen as a synonym for a new start - from here we go to the world and the world comes to us. What better to say about an economic region?

Kiek mol (take a look at this!)

Visitors entered the stand via a wooden footbridge embedded in the floor and walked between branded bollards directly towards the reception desk and a large-format photo motif which made the path seem to continue across the water towards the horizon. The partner regions presented themselves individually as bright and friendly with appealing photo motifs and inviting seating areas. Boxes planted with reeds acted as fresh and original partitions of the areas.