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Zech Group GmbH

Kopfstand, 165m², ExpoReal München



In contrast to previous trade fair appearances, DIH should be perceived more strongly as the real estate division of the newly formed ZECH group. What was needed was a two-storey stand that united all three companies on a single stand - and emphasised the importance of DIH.


Representing companies with three adjacent frame elements that span the entire exhibition stand.  The highlight: the anthracite coloured element of DIH AG which penetrates the place below the other frames creating a visual reference to the integration of DIH into the group of companies.  Also to provide an upper floor with a lounge to be used as a retreat area for meetings.


The division of the three companies made visible at a distance. As soon as you are on the stand, the open design indicates the solidarity of the companies. There is a shared reception desk, an inviting bar and various seating and standing areas to enable multimedia presentations.

The customer

Deutsche Immobilien Holding Aktiengesellschaft (DIH) is a real estate company operating throughout Germany. We will be presenting the company at a joint stand together with Deutsche Fonds Holding, the parent company ZECH Group and numerous other companies belonging to the group.