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Nordic Countries

Inselstand, 817m², ITB, Berlin



Nordic Countries - this is the association of the tourism associations of Norway (Innovation Norway), Sweden (Visit Sweden), Denmark (Visit Denmark), Iceland (Promote Iceland) and Finland (Business Finland).


Our mission was to design a joint trade fair presentation that presents both the peculiarities of the different countries and their similarities.


A rustic wooden walkway meandering gently through the entire stand area. Visitors following this walkway progress through all the Nordic countries represented on the stand.  An organic and almost transparent banner floating in the sky, the colour referring to the unique light of the region. The countries united from below by the pathway and from above by the banner.


Simple furniture and clear, unobtrusive colours in combination with expressive, large-format images of the various regions and their attractions created an attractive ambience made all the more authentic by minimal display of logos and advertising. An invitation to yearn for distant lands!